Black cat

There was at Mardouck the cat such a habit. Being tired with running about the summer residence in a wood, comes home, sits on back pads before a window, there is on a summer residence such window with little step, I use it too sometimes, and commence to bang on the glass with his fore-pads. To bang with such a force just the whole house is shaked. Well, they certainly resort and open a window.
And here once a late summer evening, He already was filled up to sleep, and his wife sits by the window and is occupied with her needlework. He already began to drowse and suddenly the wife just cry out. He certainly was broke from bed, resorts and sees: an absolutely black cat sits before a window, that is well absolutely black without uniform light spot, and bangs on the glass with his fore-pads. What should you like to do here? Certainly the simplest business is to banish the cat. But, could you imagin that another's cat in a window knocked? Newertheless He has decided to open a window. The cat at once has spring up in a room and seats oneself on mardouck's armchair. He has considered the cat on light - yes it is mardouck's fase. And why then black?
Soon everything has cleared up. In the afternoon they shifted the furnace in the bath-house and have not yet terminated. And Mardouck there in the evening has climbed there trough and soil oneself at whole in soot. Who knew how many forces it was required to wash the cat.
An exelent actor was this Mardouck. As it begin to darken so Mardouck cries in a garden. Waits while everyone are coming, climbs on apple-tree and creeps on a branch . The branch bends, the apples are strewed, Mardouck on most end hangs, and represents himself.
Why I all steadily about Mardouck and Mardouck? Is it absolutely nothing about myself to tell? And the fact is, that I am a serious cat, the mother - nature destines me the duty to carry out cares of the population of the Earth with kittens, as He speaks, cares of preservation of a biological kind. And Mardouck is enother business. At the very begining he had the same occupation. But there was the battle withh country cats. They tear to pieces Mardoucks ear, an infection have brought and has turned out, as He speaks, an abscess. Has become Mardouck the ends to give back. They carried him to local veterinary. But by him was a lot of cows, sheeps and someone else. All - speaks the veterinary - it is impossible to do anything - let us lull him. Well, on "to lull" They, certainly, have not agreed and who could think?! It appear at neighbours a Moscow veterinary, but not a simple one - an MD. He has made an operation and Mardouck has become quite new. But, the veterinary has persuaded Them to make at the same time one more operation, for such things did not repeat. And has become Mardouck carefree, the anything except leprosies not on mind.
Thank God They have become more clever now!