Tale about the cat who has found his own house

In one of days of a late Petersburg autumn I, with a backpack on a shoulder, came downstairs our house, going for city.
There was a beginning 90, time vague, but not hopeless. Old furs prepared to accept a young wine, yet not knowing, what will turn out from. The country lived eyes in the TV, ears - on the area. Thus hands something habitually knitted (planed, sawed etc.). .
On one of floors, between frames of a dusty window with half smashed pans sat a kitten and, not paying attention to epoch, tried to catch with his paw the fly woken by last sun.
The kitten was absorbed by the occupation and at the same time it was visible, that here he is not casual submitting by mongrel- cellar ¶cesspit-instincts of street cats he has come here in hope to attract to the person and, if will carry to become domestic.
the kitten was so lovely, that I was not kept and have pulled about him behind an ear. He was interrogatively pulled to me, as if estimating gravity of my intentions and, not finding an acknowledgement, has again returned to the fly.
I have gone further, confused with that has not justified cats hopes, and from the bottom of the heart wishing to him to fall into in good hands.
I Came back in two days in the evening.
It become cold.
Approaching to the house, I have recollected the kitten. For some reason I have has imagine him sitting in loneliness on a cold ladder platform and shuddered.
Certainly, for a long time he has escaped.
The familiar dark ladder. Through the broken windows pulls a draught and it is uncomfortable.
Not at once have I noticed him.
The kitten laid with crossed paws on dirty rug, the head almost concerned a floor.
I have sat down above him and have stroked on a back: he languidly was stirred and has tried to open eyes - whitish film half covered them.
Behind a doorsteps were heard, the door has opened, on a threshold has seemed the flat mate.
Having seen me, she has started talking hasty and is excited.
Appeared that any boys have cut with a knife to a kitten a stomach!
not trusting the ears I have taken him on hands: in the top part of a stomach the incision 2-3 centimeters in length was seen. Edges of a wound be dispatched and there from the slice of something similar to interiors showed out.
Time was late and everything that I could make it is to rise with him in an apartment, to wash out and tie up a wound.
His age was about three month, his color was really like tiger with a dirty wool and decent quantity of fleas.
Having finished the procedure, I have laid him on a bedding and have cautiously stroked to calm.
When I left, the kitten hardly having lifted a head looked following me.
His eyes expressed the cat's gratitude.
Next morning we have gone on veterinary station.
The lovely girl with resolute voice and quick hands has quickly darned our wound and has promised, that we shall live.
Encouraged we have come back home and have taken a place on a bedding to continue recovery.
In one week the kitten already could go. Thus he shook here and there, partly from weakness, partly because of a bandage, which are half pulling together his little body.
After the travel along the apartment he ewer time came back to me, as a little ship to silent harbor. Sat beside, looked in my eyes, as if asking - whether he can expect for the further residing.
Doubts of him were not deprived the bases. The matter is that the cat already lived at us. To tell the truth, two cats it too and we have begun to look a place for him among our familiar.
Still with any time has passed the wound begun to live, a bandage have removed.
As all familiar already were .a cat owner the question with resettlement remained open.
On closer examination the kitten appeared a she cat, and we have named her Tigress, or on more simple - Grusia.
Grusia showed brigands customs and extreme curiosity. Only it was necessary to me to start to do something as her nose was on the spot pushed from under my hand.
She as a whirlwind rushed on an apartment, was shaken on curtains, offended an adult cat and felt like the full mistress in the house.
For short time we have become attached, to her for it is difficult not to become attached to an essence by name a cat when She is enabled to show everything, on what she is capable.
And here we were overtaken with new trouble.
Once I have noticed, that around of that place where there was a wound, the small stain in which the wool looked accurately cut was formed.
not having experience in such affairs, I have considered, that it is a new wool instead of that have cut out before operation.
However the stain in due course was increased, yet has not borrowed half of cat's side.
I have begun to worry began to be interested at familiars, and one of them has diagnosed: cutting deprive, it is necessary to the doctor.
Having turned Grusia in a cloth, I have put her for a bosom of a jacket and was directed to already familiar address.
This time there was a turn, we have sat with other cats and dogs and began to wait.
I have glanced under a jacket and have met the scared cat's sight.
Anything - I have told her - the aunt doctor of you will cure.
Grusia has cheered up and has cautiously put out a head outside. The dog. sitting near to, us barked and Grusia has instantly involved a head back.
Our turn at last has approached, and we came into a study.
Young doctor, in a measure indifferent, has taken an interest, with what we came.
I have stretched to her the cat's side, she has looked her person has strained:
- At you is cutting deprive. We shall lull. Such are the instruction at us - we have heard.
At the same time she has stared at us, probably expecting, that we on the spot shall run to carry out the instruction.
I was reached not at once with fatal sense of her words.
I have looked on Grusia she at me having turned out a head.
In confusion I began to mutter, whether it is impossible to make something, somehow to treat, I began to tell a history about a wound about the fact we are already well-known here and other nonsense.
The woman was languidly and tersely beaten off.
There are nothing to lose and I has stretched to her the bill of 10 rubles as a token of my humane intentions.
Times were uneasy and she has taken them.
the person of her was softened, she has told:
- Let's look once again.
I have stretched Grusia and we have examined more attentively.
During survey the flea has jumped out from under Grusia's eyes has run across through a nose and has disappeared in area of moustaches.
The doctor has fastidiously shaken a head: she has a flea! - what for do You need in she? -
Realy Doctor she has significant less of it - answered I, not being distributed by that the kind half of fleas on this moment has passed from Grusia to the old coddled cat and has transformed her old age into a real hell.
The Doctor has slipped on me a sight like madhouse doctors look at the patients.
However to there are nothing to do - for fleas too it was paid.
Grusia have placed under the device with blue beams under which action the fillet of a stain was ominously lighted by greenish light.
Doubts were not.
Have returned to a study.
The woman has written out the recipe and has explained, what it is necessary to do.
Left, that it is necessary to give up work and days without a break to push in a cat of a tablet and bum her up with the iodine.
Puzzled I asked, whether there is something simpler.
She has answered, that it is, but it is import and expensive.
I have stretched to her 25 rubles.
She has benevolently looked at me, has taken money and has got whence can undoubtedly import.
- Substitute a side has she told.
We have obediently substituted a side on which with hissing yellow foam has crept out and has disappeared in Grusia's wool.
- Will come in day, has told the doctor.
On that we have left.
On return way Grusia laid on automobile back sitting. When I turned around, saw rushed on me very clever eyes expecting for the answer to thousands of questions.
Then we have visited ours £Dulitle§ four more times and have at additional expense pulled out the divine creature from hands of authors of the artful instruction.
Under blue beams of the device Grusia's side victoriously shined blue light!
Since then has passed many years.
Anything serious with Grusiať does not happen more, if not to take in acount frustrated flight from the fifth floor in a court yard where she has rushed after the pigeon passing by flight near a window, but it was caught by me at last moment literally for a tail.
Grusia has turned to a small nice cat with a clever muzzle and manners lady.
She goes for me on an apartment as a doggie, striving at each opportunity climb up my knees. Her wool together with my clothes has visited for this time many countries.
She sits before a door for half an hour before my arrival from work and waits.
When I can not spend the night at home, she goes on an apartment from a room to a room, cries and prevents to sleep domestic.
If it happens, that day time cares force me to turn at night sideways on one side - Grusia wakes up and comes to me from the favorite armchair, cautiously gets on a breast and is silent purrrs that in the morning all will be good.
She has learned me to the cat's language and itself was learnt Russian.
Three meals a day and the provided old age to her are guaranteed.
....................................... ....................................... .......................................................
I sit behind a desk and I finish this simple cat's history.
Behind of me on a table sits Grusia.
She sits in the same manner as her far ancestors in ancient Egypt, when they still shared the level with gods, sat: forward legs straight a tail picked up, eyes semi-reducible.
She silent purrs, slightly rocking backwards - forward in a step to purring.
It is possible to think - the growing old cat dozes.
But look narrowly closely - you will notice, that the cat peers into you through narrow chinks of eyes.
From all animals only to a cat is legal to sit on a desk of the person and to observe, how that creates, plans - whether good, bad.
Her eyes everything peers into us, that lives in water, in heavens and on land.
Look in the dog eyes - you will see there a sandwich with sausage; from cats eyes becomes ill at ease.
For this sight worshipped to them in an antiquity and exterminated during fanaticism.
So the Sphinx - through and afar looks.
Who looks at us through the blinked emerald pupils?
What she wants to tell us?
What she waits from us?
Alexander Solin
SPb, August, - September 2001