How it all began

myI was standing at an entrance and waited for Him. Not looking for spring, was cold. But all this were rubbish in comparison with intolerable sensation of emptiness in a stomach. By the way, He had not slightest representation not only about my waiting Him, but also in general about my existence. And here I not only knew of Him, but also knew the fact, that He will belong to me. And is not present here any telepathy, or, as He now speaks "telecaty". Simply, we cats perfectly understand in mimics and if the person looks at one of us with expression, unequivocally showing that the cat at him is not present, and for him life not a life without a cat, which there are the questions!
And here, at last, He has appeared. Where the hell did you stroll about? - has I exclame - for a long ago it is time to go home! Then with the most vigorous kind (you would know that to me it costed) and with lifted tail I have come before it in an entrance, first has come in the lift and first has approached to a door of an apartment.
Further at the very begining everything was awfully. I have been lowered in water and have begun to wash. Interesting, whether will understand sometime these idiots, that any their soaps and the shampoos could not be compared to our tongs.
But for all it is necessary to pay. Further I was turned in a towel, have dried up and, at last, have fed.
And then the life began. Most of all we like together to work.He sits at the computer on a chair, and I am lieng near the computer on a table. Scientific problems we solve together, and verses or here this little story I simply dictate to Him. All cats know how and love to dictate to someone (if any). So my predcessor - Siamese Marduck has served as the prototype for famous Kaliam from the A and B Strougatsky story. Just such a moment is shown here (A Strougatsky at the left) and the resulted citation beeng dictated is embodied too.

Arcady N. Strougatsky with Marduck the cat
By squeaking board, has appeared Kaliam becoming stupide from heat, has looked on Malianov by green eyes, silently agape and again has closed a mouth. Then, tuging by a tail, has proceeded under furnace to the plate. The anything on this plate was not, except dry fish bones.
- Do you want to vulg... told Malianov with displeasure.
Kaliam now has responded in the sense that yes, not bad at last.
In the morning I gave you - has told Malianov squating before a refrigerator. - Not, Idid not ... It was early yesterday I gave.
A and B Strougatsky " For a billion of years up to the end of Univers "
In minutes of rest I lay at Him on the knees (if He, certainly, has deserved it) and we quietly converse. To the point, was found out, that while I waited for Him at an entrance He went on the referendum and voted for inviolablety of Soviet Union. Was found out the fact, that for Soviet Union has voted the majority.
Well, and how your Soviet Union? - ask I, with irony looking in His eyes.