Still about kittyes.

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At my sister there was 2 cats (now 3), Tom and Maurick. Tom - simple cats color, i.e. white with some spots, and Maurick purely black accurate cat having awful character and habits. So the sisters familiar has offered to take Tom to his mothers gone on a spree pussy. Is told - is made. He has taken Tom away for 2 days to the bride. The familiars mother apartment has common anteroom for 3 or 4 families, and the common entrance doors were seldom closed. Shortly speaking Tom has nothing to gain. The pussy was nearly mad. She did not admit him, drove him throw the whole apartment, and all the day Tom has stayed in a case. Then by shame he was returned back and have taken away the following applicant Maurick. Well, Igor (familiar) has brought Maurick quickly, has let him out in anteroom and, being late on businesses he has shouted mothers from anteroom, that Maurick is brought and has run on the businesses. As agreed upon he should take Maurick away in two days. The spoken term, has passed, Igor came for Maurick. His mum with cat on hands meets him and speaks, that Maurick has nothing gained too but he is such remarkable and tender cat that it simply would not be necessary to give him back . Igor knowing this "tender" cat quite well, pricks up his ears and suddenly notices, that on his mums hands lies completely another cat with a white stain on a neck, which looks at a mum with love in his eyes and from surplus of kind feelings is melting directly on mistress hands. Shorter Maurick coming to the (how to express it) wedding was terribly affright in unknown circumstance and being guided by the smell immediately plunged in the case being rendered habitable by Tom and was sitting there during two days and nights. Practically in the same time in the common anteroom penetrated this another cat (too black). He is being, accepted by a mum for Maurick and two days has lived as cheese in oil, to be exact received the best food, slept with mistress in a bed and in general used all boons of domestic cat. By the way, he settled down there and at the end has overcame this pussy.