Cats and post-graduate students

Up to me at Him lived a cat Mardouck Alexeevitch. For a long time Mardouck already peacefully repose on cat's cemetery on a summer residence, by living long and glorious life. Around of his grave we have planted four little fir-tree and now they were extended already almost in growth of the person. When Mardouck has died, me yet was not on light, therefore all that I am going to tell, I have heard from Him.
We cats in general are very acute. But the beautiful Siamese Mardouck perhaps, had this property in greater, than usually, degree. For example, such episode. He with the wife were going to go on a summer residence, previously by calling on the phone, that a pier we leave. On a road on station the machine has got in failure, He had broken three edges and on the ambulance He have taken away in hospital. The wife have not let also in the ambulance and she has gone in pursuit by a taxi. Than she comes. He lays in full rest on the barrow and is waiting for devil knows what. Please - He speaks to the wife - while I spend time here without any sense call on a summer residence to our children, they you see are waiting. When the wife has phoned up to the country which is neither much nor a little hundred kilometer from Moscow at once she was asked: - What at you there happened? We feel, that with you there was something bad.
- Why?
- The cat does not find of a place to itself: bawl and rush about the whole house. Insight is insight but the Mardouck's character was disgusting. When for the first time the cat has been brought on a summer residence He needed on some days to leave for Moscow. To look after Mardouck He has left the post-graduate student - Sasha. Comes in three days - Sasha in a panic - Mardouck was gone. Have rummaged around all vicinities, neighbor's boys where promised rich compensation, if they will find the cat (most probable someone from neighbors haven's eye on expensive Siamese) was represented, that. All without sense. Everyone persuade Him: a pier calm down, the God has given a God then has taken, you see of three day has passed! And He steadily goes on a site and calls: kys-kys-kys. Hopes, means, does not lose. And you see has heard! Nobody heard, and He has heard such a slowly miaou. Has gone on a sound with lantern, there was late evening, and sees: on the top of a huge pine Mardouck hangs on his claws. What to do here? A pine is smooth. The branches begins some fifteen meters from ground. The post-graduate student Sasha (frankly speaking with risk for life) has climbed on the next tree, therefrom has got over on a pine, has thrust Mardouck for his bosom and (oh)! was lowered. Three days Mardouck hung on claws. He did know how get upwards (at us, at the cats such knowledge is genetic), but he was not yet skillful get downwards. For the first time Mardouck have been fed, and then some days washed from caustic pine pitch.
Try to guess, that was then. I know, that you will tell - on all life Mardouck swear climb on trees. Nothing similar. Mardouck became an habit to climb on trees. It became very much pleasant to him. It was necessary to agree with the local electrician; he went by the machine with such elevated campanula) and he removed Mardouck from the next tree, when asked. Telling the truth, soon Mardouck has learned to climb down from trees itself.
And some more. They have such ancient toilet table with a figured mirror, on which parties two candlesticks on massive marble supports. He has attached to these candlesticks electrical bulbs. So here, hardly that Mardouck not on customs, he resets a candlestick (which hangs on a wire) and begins by this candlestick strike on a mirror. Well and about Kalkouttian elephant I already told.
And still He had the one more post-graduate student - Azerbaijanian - Rauf Ragimov. Loved Rauf to joke. Lays Rauf on a sofa, the wife speaks him: - go take a walk with child! Get behind - answers Rauf - I lay from my last forces! He possesses a proverb: "how many the wolf is feed, but the mutton is better ".
Comes Rauf to Moscow (about Mardouck he still did not know), calls in a door. A door open, Mardouck naturally, meets him. Alexey Woldemarovitch - exclaims Rauf is it a dog at you?! The share of second and the Rauf's trouser-leg is unripe from a belt zone up to the cuff, and His wife assiduously greases Rauf's leg with liniment drug.
How lucky it is cats are not obliged to be post-graduates students!