Muggins Story

Send by Margaret Mcduff

Hello Basil and Alexey. I have read your latest stories with much enjoyment. You have inspired me to write and tell you a little about myself. I am a rather pretty white cat with a pink nose, and a mischievous streak. I enjoy hiding under the rug and then leaping out at my human, who pretends to be startled. I also like to leap on her from the window sill above her bed while she is asleep. It is a very effective way of getting attention. I can't tell you much about the first year and a half of my life. I had been living in my second home for about 2 months when Margaret came to fetch me one day. We liked each other immediately, and although I put on a dramatic performance of yowling when she put me in her car, I was willing enough to go with her. Margaret has lived with me in my apartment in Toronto, Canada, for 10 years now, and we get along very well. In fact, I don't like anyone except for her. Sometimes goes away, and strangers come to feed my while she is gone. Last June she was away in your country for two weeks, and when she returned I did my best to punish her by turning my back on her and remaining aloof, however my resistence soon cracked, and I couldn't resist a snuggle and a kiss. She tells me she enjoyed Moscow, St Petersburg and Novgorod very much, and judging by the number of photos she took, I would say that she had a very good trip. She now spends lots of time reading about Russia, and looking for photos and articles on the internet. I believe that is how she found you. As for you latest story, I myself have never climbed a tree. Once I cought a mouse who was foolish enough to find his way into our home. When Margaret returned from work and saw its little brown body on the rug, she thought I had done something unspeakable on the rug - somthing that belonged in the litter box (my toilet, in case you are not familiar with the expression). When she took a closer look, and realized it was a mouse, she praised me profusely before unceremoniously disposing of the rodent corpse. Unfortunately, I rarely have such excitement up here on the 12th floor of our city apartment. It must be rather exciting to spend time in a country home. We have relatives in the country but I never go there, as they have a large dog whom I have no desire to meet face to face. I shall ask Margaret to send you a photo of me soon. She has one on her computer at work. I am so happy to have met you, and if you would like to hear more about us, I will sit down at the keyboard again and tell you more. Best wishes to you both, Muggins