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"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ------Calvin and Hobbes
Putarou was born in Tokyo Japan. One day we were walking in Saigoyama Park and this little tiny kitten found us. "Meow" he said "Take me home with you, it's going to rain soon." And so we did. He grew up to become a very very big cat. About seven years ago he came to San Francisco with his sisters Paco & Pico, and Andrew & Keiko. Now he lives with Andrew, Paco, Pico, and Peh-pah - his fat younger brother. He still remembers Japan and is fond of foul-tasting Japanese treats such as "Niboshi" (dried anchovies) or "Saki-Ika" (squid jerky) His full name is "Putarou, Saigoyama-no-Kami-Puchi-no-Suke" It is a Samurai name, and he's a dangerous, sly cat - especially when hungry. This cat thinks he's my son!!!