Putaru again

Dear CityCat,
Putarou now lives with Andrew and Vikotchka at their datcha in the Sunset District of San Francisco. He still has his fat (12 kilos) younger brother Pepah, and his older sister Pico. But his older sister, whom everyone called Auntie (Tyatya) Pakushka passed away last year, k sozhaleniyu. He is very happy to live in a house with so many windows. That means there's always someplace where the sun is shining and is nice to sleep for a while. Now, while Vika is away in Russia, Putarou and his gang can go ANYWHERE! No scolding from dog-loving female Sankt Piterburg ex-commissar! It gives new meaning to the saying in English: when the cat's away, the mice will play. "When the commissar's away, the kitties will play" Or sleep on bed if they chose. In fact, they can even sleep on ex-commissar's pillow!

Andrew Scal, San Francisco CA http://mywebpage.netscape.com/scalan00/jiko_shokai.htm Quem Nao Ton Cao Caca Com Gato (He who has no dog must hunt with a cat) --Old Portuguese Saying ***************************************