Well, I do not love him! And it is not necessary to speak to me about jealousy, about rivalry.
Here Tailless - is like the contender to me, but I do not conceal some malice on him. First, - his name. This cat has chosen to himself the family of His daughter, and there he has been baptized as Tom. In nomination of such serial of animated cartoons. There the cat Tom is on the ears in ground drive in and onto a wall smear and for what all this? That is for the children already from the earliest age began to understand what the life to them should prepare. There they too in ground will hammer and onto wall will smear if certainly they self would not take a care. All this may be right but the cat: in which connection is he?
Well. A name he has not chosen himself. I can tell you how he has a good time. Someone have brought from shop ten eggs and have laid them out on a table. For a short time the kitchen was abandoned then people come back and see: Tom sits on a table not hastening rolls with his pad the egg to table edge and ups! on a floor. And then admires: on a floor such interesting yellow stain occurs. Will admire - and to following egg.
There comes His daughter on a summer residence, and Tom as soon as from a bag is let out begins to scuffle with someone (and with me, if I meets on a road) and behind neighbor's pussies looks after. It never occurred to him that at us cats, from time immemorial on this subject exists some kind of ceremonial. You have at first to win a territory, then to mark if with care and then already roll under brides
But my story is not about it. As a main subject I only very seldom sleep at Him by His legs well maybe two or three times per year. Because I know, there is no greater pleasure for Him and I consider that pleasure is only perfect when it comes by little drops And once in the summer night I come home and what you think I see: Tom sleeps at His legs. Such a shock I should not wish to the most malicious enemy! In all circumstances He belongs only to me and I - only to him. So I think, well, you will cry and cry at me now. I went away and the whole month did not approach to Him even food only from His wife hands accepted.
The time went, and I began to reflect. If He slept He could not know, what is created at His legs. Only I as though I am strong asleep, hardly where a dry sheet will rustle, at once my ears comes erect and I am all strained. And as for him if he strong asleep it is possible take Him in other City (there were such cases!). So I have forgiven Him and since then even few times had a sleep by His legs.
But nevertheless now I do not enter into the house on a summer residence unless on the kitchen, to lap dish.