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CD Files Catalog

If the number of your files is exceeding all possible limits and the backup CDs are bursting out of every drawer, you certainly need the program called filesCatalog. It's a powerful utility for organizing, cataloging and searching your files stored on any media including hard drives, compact disks (CD-R, CD-RW, DVD), ZIP disks, tapes, flash cards etc.

filesCatalog scans all the media, indexes files and saves the information about them. Some additional properties and summary information are extracted and saved for a number of file types, such as applications, Microsoft Office documents, mp3 sound files, HTML documents, Acrobat PDF documents (see the complete list of the supported file types http://www.filescatalog.com/description.php4?lang=en). The files stored inside archives are also indexed.

filesCatalog has a wide variety of tools for searching files even when the media, where the files are actually stored, is not available. You can search the files and media either by name or by keywords or by the description you can specify for any item in the catalog. Besides, you can search by the additional properties extracted for some file types.

There are a lot of tools for managing the folder contents as well! filesCatalog allows creating groups of volumes in the catalog (e.g., groups of compact disks). Likewise, you can mark any catalog items and save the list of disks, folders and files created in such a way. Besides, you can generate a report on the catalog contents in the form of a HTML file.


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