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Cyrrilisation instruction(Windows-95/98 only).

If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 final relise, or Netscape 4.0 or more, you don't need any cyrillic installation!

For cyrillisation Win-95/98 you need:

- Start - Settings - Contol Panel - Add/Remove programs. Choose Windows Setup and click Multilanguage support, OK. Windows pleases from you the Windows-95 Setup disk.

- After installing: Keyboard (in Control Panel) - Language - Add... and choose "Russian". Windows needs Windows-95 Setup disk. Choose Switch Languages. Process reboot.

For installing Koi-8R fonts use Copy all .fon and/or .ttf files to [Windows]\Fonts. Access to Start - Settings - Control Panes - Fonts for registration.

MS IE-4.0 ready for showing cyrillic pages. If you view texts with non-cyrillic symbols, choose in menu: View - Fonts - Cyrillic alphabet (DOS), (KOI-8R) or (Windows).

MS IE-3.0 - you need choose in Options cyrillic fonts.

Netscape 3.0:
In menu: Options - General preferences - Fonts choose cyrillic fonts for Cyrillic & Cyrillic (KOI-8R). If you view non-cyrillic symbols, choose Options - Document encoding - Cyrillic or Cyrillic (KOI-8R).

If you use Email from MS IE (Outlook Express) or from Netscape, you can to read russian Email texts.

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