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Client Pull

Client Pull provides the ability to automatically load a new document in the specified time or reload a document on a regular basis.

Microsoft ® Internet Explorer 3.0 supports client pull using the META tag. The META tag must be inside the HEAD tag of the HTML document. The URL attribute requires a fully qualified URL (for example,


Attribute Explanation Example Source
HTTP-EQUIV= "REFRESH" Causes a document to be automatically reloaded on a regular basis, specified in seconds. <HEAD><META HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" CONTENT=2><TITLE>Reload Document</TITLE></HEAD>
<P>This document will be reloaded every two seconds.</BODY>
CONTENT="n; URL=URL" Tells the browser to reload in n seconds. If a URL is specified, the browser will load the URL after the time specified has elapsed. If no URL is specified, it will reload the current document. <HEAD><META HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" CONTENT="5; URL="> <TITLE>Load Next Document</TITLE></HEAD>
<P>After five seconds have elapsed, the document "" will be loaded.</BODY>

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