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Microsoft® Internet Explorer 3.0 adds many new features which are great for HTML authors and demonstrates our accelerating commitment to W3C HTML standards. This document includes a link to the complete list of tags supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, a breakdown of the tags by category, and an alphabetic list of each of the tags.

While you are here, be sure to check out the Style Sheets Specification at the W3C site. It's a sneak preview of the next generation of Web authoring soon to be available with Internet Explorer 3.0.

Note: This link points to a server that is not under the control of Microsoft Corporation. Please read our disclaimer before continuing.

If you have problems viewing the information in the tables, you can modify the font size by clicking the Fonts menu in Internet Explorer 3.0, clicking View, and then changing your current selection.

Be sure to check out our Creating Great Pages Tour that highlights detailed examples of tags you can use to create cool pages.

Complete List of Tags

All Tags Supported by Internet Explorer 3.0

Tags Grouped by Category

Category Description
Basics Lists the basic tags you need to create an HTML file.
Character Set Lists the ISO Latin-1 and complete character sets for English (US) you can represent in HTML.
Client Pull Client Pull provides the ability to automatically load a new document in the specified time or reload a document on a regular basis.
Client-Side Image Maps The most common use of image maps is to allow users to access different documents by clicking different areas in an image.
Color Lists the supported colornames and the tags which support these colornames.
Forms Includes tags which produces forms, form control types, and list boxes.
Font Formatting Lists the different tags used to format fonts.
Frames Includes the Internet Explorer 3.0 frame tags to create frames.
Lists Includes all of the tags which support different list types.
Objects Lists the tags to embed OLE Controls.
Multimedia and Images Learn how to use tags to embed video clips, sound, and marquees.
Table Support Includes the Internet Explorer 3.0 table tag extensions to support HTML tables.

Tags Listed in Alphabetical Order

Tag Description
A Stands for anchor and specifies a hyperlink.
ADDRESS Renders text as italics. See also Cite, Dfn, Em, I.
AREA Specifies the shape of a "hot spot" in a client-side image map.
B Renders text in boldface. See also Strong.
BASE Specifies a document's URL.
BASEFONT Sets base font value.
BGSOUND Adds background sounds or "soundtracks."
BIG Enlarges the font size.
BLOCKQUOTE Sets apart a quotation in text.
BODY Specifies the beginning and end of document body.
BR Inserts a line break.
CAPTION Specifies a caption for a table and must be used within the TABLE tag.
CENTER Causes subsequent text and images to be centered.
CITE Renders text in italics. See also Address, Dfn, Em, I.
CODE Specifies a code sample. See also Samp.
COMMENT Indicates a comment.
DD Specifies a definition in a definition list.
DFN Renders text in italics. See also Address, Cite, Em, I.
DIR Denotes a directory list.
DL Denotes a definition list.
DT Specifies a term in a definition list.
EM Renders text in italics. See also Address, Cite, Dfn, I.
FONT Changes the font.
FORM Denotes a form.
FRAME Creates permanent panes for displaying information.
Hn Renders text in heading style.
HR Draws a horizontal rule.
HTML Denotes the file is an HTML document.
I Renders text in italics. See also Address, Cite, Dfn, Em.
IMG Enables you to embed .avi (Audio Video Interleave) video clips in HTML pages.
INPUT Specifies a form control.
ISINDEX Indicates the presence of a searchable index.
KBD Renders text in fixed-width and boldface type.
LI Denotes one item of a list.
LISTING Renders text in fixed-width type. See also Pre, Tt, Xmp.
MAP Specifies a collection of hot spots for a client-side image map.
MARQUEE This new tag enables you to create a scrolling text marquee.
MENU Denotes a list of items.
META Internet Explorer supports client pull using the META tag.
NOBR Turns off line breaking.
OBJECT Inserts an OLE Control.
OL Draws lines of text as an ordered list.
OPTION Denotes one choice in a list box.
P Denotes a paragraph.
PLAINTEXT Renders text in fixed-width type without processing tags.
PRE Renders text in fixed-width type. See also Listing, Tt, Xmp.
S Renders text in strikethrough type.
SAMP Specifies a code sample. See also Code.
SELECT Denotes a list box or dropdown list.
SMALL Decreases the font size.
STRIKE Renders text in strikethrough type. See S.
STRONG Renders text in boldface. See B.
SUB Renders text in subscript.
SUP Renders text in superscript.
TABLE Internet Explorer 3.0 fully supports HTML 3.0 tables.
TITLE Specifies a title for the document.
TT Renders text in fixed-width type. See also Pre, Listing, Xmp.
U Renders text underlined.
UL Draws lines of text as a bulleted list.
VAR Renders text as a small fixed-width font.
WBR Inserts a soft linebreak in a block of NOBR text.
XMP Renders text in fixed-width type. See also Listing, Pre, Tt.

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